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5 Tips for Training on Vacation

By: Angela Campos

1. Safety First 

Before heading out for a swim, bike, or run make sure to check and make sure the area is safe. Many resorts are wonderful, only to find out once you leave the resort itself, there are areas known for “pick-pocketers” or other types of dangerous activities. If you are heading into the open water, ask about water safety: is the area known for any swimming dangers, such as riptides?

2. Use Your Surroundings 


Make the most of your destination by using the surroundings to train in after checking for safety. Go for a run along the beach or hop in the ocean for an open water swim!

3. Cross-Train

Sometimes while traveling, there just isn’t an option to do certain training. On our recent family vacation, I was not able to do any bicycling, so I opted to do extra swimming. I also did some hiking with my family around the island instead of a run to maintain my fitness.

4. Be an Early Bird

For me, this works best all the time, but particularly on vacation. Get up a little earlier than everyone else to squeeze in a run or swim, so you have the rest of the day to enjoy with your family!

5. Relax and Enjoy 

Take a break from training and just enjoy your time! Missing a few days of exercise is not going to damage your plan if you have been sticking to it before your trip. Unless, you are a professional athlete or heading to the olympics, let it go and relax for a few days. Your body will thank you for the down time!


About the Author

Angela is a mom of two, wife, registered nurse, runner, Ironman triathlete, and cooking enthusiast. She shares her tales of training for various endurance events, inspiration and motivation, and some of her favorite recipes. Follow her blog: Marathons and Motivation.

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