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Benefits of Swimming

Is a summer vacation even complete without a trip to the beach or pool? Learn the surprising health benefits this summertime activity can have.

1. It’s a Great Full Body Workout.

You must use all of your muscles when you are swimming, whether it’s a breaststroke or a butterfly stroke. Even a doggy paddle is utilizing muscles from all over your body to keep you afloat. The water has the bonus of being used as a form of resistance, so 30 minutes in the pool is equal to 45 minutes of working out on dry land.

2. Easy on the Joints

Water supports your weight, causing not as much pressure on your joints. If you are coming off of an injury, swimming in the pool or doing other water-based exercises is a great way to get back in shape without compromising your injury.

3. Helps Control Breathing 

There is a positive correlation between swimming and increased lung function. This is caused by the natural pressure that swimmers' diaphragms face in the water. The diaphragm, like most muscles when consistently exposed to a stressor, is forced to improve its function, allowing for greater control over your breathing.

4. Relaxing 

Chill out, it's summertime! Taking a few laps around the pool can be very relaxing. Swimming three times a week has been proven to help alleviate anxiety and depression, improve sleep patterns, and overall decrease stress levels.

Going Swimming? Don't forget! 

Sunscreen - Most dermatologists recommend a minimum SPF 30, as it blocks out 97% of the sun's UV rays. You will want to reapply every 2 hours. 

Hat or swim cap - Don't forget to protect your scalp! The sun's harmful rays can cause the skin on your scalp to blister if left unprotected. 

Snacks - If you are swimming all day, you will want some healthy snacks to replenish your energy supply. 

Drinking water - Being out in the sun can dehydrate you, fast! Pack some water for you to sip on when thirsty.

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