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How To Set Up An At-Home Gym On A Budget

Is your gym membership lying around collecting dust on your nightstand? Or you just don't want to pay monthly fees to work out at a gym? Working out at home offers convenience and is cost effective when done correctly. Follow these tips for setting up a home gym on a budget. 

In order to figure out what you need for your home gym, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are your fitness goals?

  • What fitness routine do you need to follow to reach your goals and what equipment will that require? Take this into consideration when getting started.

  • Where are you going to put your home gym?

  • Are you setting up your gym in a spare bedroom, a garage or an outdoor space? A closed-off area is ideal and will keep you focused with minimal distractions. 

  • What equipment do you need?

After you've decided exactly what equipment you require, start doing some research. Compare prices at different stores and look for like-new second hand items. Small items such as weights and kettlebells can even be found at discount stores.

The Equipment

1. The cost of dumbbells can add up quick. If you don't have any weights on hand, start with three sizes: a light set, medium set, and a heavy set. This will allow you to use them for a variety of exercises. As you get stronger, you can always buy more.

2. A bench and weight set can be used for a number of exercises and is a versatile purchase.


3. Stability balls are inexpensive, great for core strength, and can also be used for the entire body.

4. Resistance bands are perfect for adding a bit more difficulty to your workouts.

Don't forget to utilize your own body weight for planks, push ups, burpees, sit ups, and squats etc. 

Big ticket items such as treadmills and stationary bikes can always be added to your home gym later. Make sure you're committed before you invest a bunch of money. Starting out with these smaller ticket items will give you an idea if working out at home is right for you.

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