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What Cycling Can Do To You

1 Day

Your adrenaline begins pumping, making you feel more awake and alert. Your blood pressure starts to lower and your metabolism is boosted for the next several hours. In addition, you can burn anywhere from 400-1000 calories per hour. Afterwards, you may feel stiff and sore. This should quickly subside as your body adjusts to the new activity.

1 Week

After a week or two of cycling, the mitochondria in your body begins to multiply, helping you to produce more energy. Your body is capable of losing weight faster, you gain more energy,  your lung capacity increases, and your cardiovascular system improves.  

1 Month

You will be able to notice a difference in your strength and fitness level. Longer rides and climbing become easier, allowing you to push yourself harder. Simple tasks like walking up stairs no longer wears you out. Best of all, cycling has now developed into a habit. 

6 Months

Your heart health continues to improve. You may also notice an enhancement in your brain activity. Cycling has been proven to help increase the grey matter in your brain and aid in brain cell production. You are less prone to stress and depression.

1 Year

Your bone health has improved significantly. Additionally, you might notice a reduction in anxiety and depression. Your chances of being diagnosed with cancer are lower. Reports have also found that cycling can help prevent the effects of aging. 

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