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Colorful Weights

Your Body On Weightlifting

If you want to venture outside of cardio, then weightlifting is the next step in your fitness routine. As with anything, consistency is key. You will not see immediate results, but you may be surprised by how quickly your body can respond to a new routine.

Week 1

You're going to be very sore as you work muscles that you didn't even know you had. This is normal! As you build muscle, tiny tears appear in your muscle fibers. Your body is working hard to repair that temporary damage and create bigger and better muscles.

Week 4

You will start to see some changes in your muscle tone. Lifting has become easier for you, muscle memory takes over a majority of the time. Your metabolism is speeding up. Make sure your caloric intake is sufficient for the amount of energy you are exerting.

Week 8

You're working harder to maintain your gains. There will be some gradual changes in your muscle definition. This might be when you plateau or feel like you're not getting results. Keep pushing! Change up your routine if necessary.

Week 16

You begin seeing differences in other fitness areas. You can run a faster mile and are more flexible. Make sure you keep up with your cross-training, whether that be cardio or yoga.

1 Year

You are a pro and know all the proper techniques. Your body's muscle memory can now pick up on the movements if you have to take an extended break. You are toned, but most importantly, your muscles are strong and so are you!

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