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Tips for Running in Costumes

4 Tips for Running in Costume

The "spookiest" night of the year is lurking near, which means a multitude of candy, ghostly decorations and costume races. While you might be tempted to deck yourself out in the most elaborate and ridiculous outfit you can think of, try to keep these tips in mind for an upcoming costume race.

  1. Practice Run! 

    • Prepare your costume at least a week or two prior to the race. This gives you plenty of time to try it on and run around the neighborhood. Run at least a mile in the costume to make sure it fits comfortably and you will be able to wear it for the duration of the race.

  2. Don't Cover Your Face. 

    • As tempting as it may be to put on a mask and call it a day, we don't recommend it. Not only will it be hard to breathe, but you will need to be able to see, drink, and eat. Face paint is a much better alternative and will not constrict your breathing or ability to eat or drink.

  3. Choose the right fabric.

    • You will be running and sweating, so it's probably best to leave polyester and other non-breathable fabrics at home. Choose a light-weight material that easily absorbs sweat and will keep you cool. October weather can be unpredictable, prepare to add layers to your costume if race day turns out to be a brisk day/night. 

  4. Most of all, have fun!

    • Halloween races are suppose to be fun, don't plan on setting a PR (personal record) or taking it too seriously. Get your whole family involved and focus on having a memorable run in a killer costume. Just remember, at the end of the day you're still exercising, and that's what is most important. 

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