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RaceTimes DASH is our bi-monthly electronic newsletter that reaches 760,000 athletes. We're please to have Hillary JM Topper, MPA writing our feature column this year. When you subscribe to RaceTimes Magazine, you will now receive the DASH in the months between each issue of RaceTimes.

A little bit about me

My name is Hilary Topper, and I am the new columnist for RaceTimes Dash. This column will be delivered via email every other month. In it, I will provide you with tips and strategies to improve your running experience.


Let me tell you a little about me. I am a certified Road Runners Club of America Level 1 Run Coach. I’m also a USA Triathlon Coach Level 1 and a US Master Swim Coach Level 3.


I’m also the author of From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete, published by Meyer &

Meyer Sports Publishers. My story is about how anyone can make a change, no matter

how old, young, overweight, or underweight you may be. I changed my life when I was

48 and started to run for the first time. In the last 10+ years, I have experienced it all

– from injuries to success, and I’m happy to share it with you.


I have toured around the country and met many amazing athletes in Ann Arbor, MI;

Boca Raton, FL; Nashville, TN; Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Boulder, CO; and

throughout the New York Metropolitan Area.


I am also a blogger with, started in 2011, where I review products,

races, training experiences, and more. I also write for, my NY Lifestyle Blog, which I began in 2009 and reviews restaurants, travel, hotels, wine, shopping, and more. I have an endurance podcast called Hilary Topper on Air, where I interview amazing athletes and brands.


Facing Setbacks

I’ve been facing setbacks since I started competing in endurance sports. Recently, the doctors found an aneurysm in my brain.  I recently underwent four hours of major surgery, where they put a stent in place to divert the blood away from the aneurysm.


As many of you have probably experienced, I’ve had minor setbacks like meniscus tears, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and more. It comes with the territory.


So, how do you come back from an injury?


Start Slowly:

The time you've been off, and your previous training load should determine how you return to running. After ensuring you're ready, wait another day and start by walking or light jogging. After surgery, I began by just walking at a slow but steady pace.

Maintain Physical Therapy/Cross-Training

Keeping up with your physical therapy or cross-training regimen is essential as you return to

running. This can help ensure that your body is physically prepared for the demands of running.

Rest and Recover

Incorporate rest days or active rest days in your training routine. Taking at least one day off a

week can help avoid re-injury and allow your body time to recover.


Strength Training

Prioritize injury prevention by including strength training in your routine. This helps build your

overall fitness and strengthens the muscles that support running.


Listen to Your Body

Always be attentive to your body's signals. If you feel pain or discomfort while running, it's important to take it as a sign that you may need to slow down or adjust your training plan. At my first swim after surgery, I swam about 700 yards and called it quits. It was short for me, but I knew my body couldn’t do much more, and I would build upon that in the coming weeks. You can do that too.


Remember to take it slow and easy if you return after an injury. You got this. You can, and you will come back!


Questions, Comments, Concerns from You?

I would love for you to suggest a story idea or submit a question to me for future columns of RaceTimes Dash. Your input is truly valued, and I’m here to help you improve your experience. My email is


Thanks so much for reading!




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