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RaceTimes has been published since 2017, but only the previous 12 months of issues are listed here.

Smoothie Bowl

15 Simple Ways to Be Healthier In 2022

Simple and effective changes you can make this year to improve your health.

Woman in Grey Jacket

Dressing For the Elements 

With the changing season, you may start asking yourself what to wear when the temperature starts dropping. This easy guide will tell you everything you need to know to dress for the elements. 

Push Up

How to Improve Your Fitness During COVID-19

James Williams, an athlete and coach, shares how you can stay fit during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Urban Running

Keeping At It: Virtual Racing During COVID-19

Nutritionist and avid runner Allison Backer talks about how she is keeping herself motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic


Middle Aged & Stronger Than Ever

Don't let the aging process scare you! Here's some tips on how to stay fit as you get older.


Defying the Odds

Veteran Aaron Hale is continuously defying the odds after losing his eyesight and hearing. He isn't letting anything stop him from running and lifting others up in the process! Learn how you can find success through struggle, not despite it. 


Chasing Boston: The Journey to 26.2

Colin Hackman is a 3-time Boston Marathon runner. Learn what he does to prepare for this famous race. 


Finish Line Thoughts

Crossing the finish line is a special time for each and every race. Robyn shares her thoughts as she crosses her finish line. 

Stretch with Block

4 Activities to Do When you Have a Running Injury

James Williams, an ultra runner, shares tips and tricks on coping with a running injury. 

261Tattoo_Horst von Bohlen.jpg

Modern Day Kathrine: An Exclusive Interview

What is Kathrine Switzer up to today? Her nonprofit organization 261 Fearless is changing women's lives across the globe.


Take a Walk Into the Wild

Kirsten always wanted to be a runner, but a knee injury prevented her from reaching her goals. Read how she learned that you don't always have to run to the finish line, sometimes you can walk. 


The Beginning of a Movement

A cold day in April of 1967 changed Kathrine Switzer's life and women's endurance sports forever.


After 23 Marathons

Marathons are a huge deal for runners. Learn what Robyn's thoughts are after running 23 of them. 

LAD RC run 4.png

How I Started a Running Club

Starting a running club is a great way to bond with your friends. Learn how you can start one of your own. 

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