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Ice Rink

7 Options for Working Out in the Cold

Great indoor/outdoor workouts during the cold months of winter.


Basic Strength Training Routine

Basic yet effective workout you can do from your own living room.


Weightlifting Safety Tips

Make sure you are taking the right precautions when you are weightlifting. 

Cool Sneakers

It Must be the Shoes!

Shoes! They are a runner's best friend, but do you know why they should be rotated?


Yoga For Hips and Legs

Give your lower body a good stretch with these yoga moves.


The Importance of Rest Days

As counterproductive as it sounds, you need to take rest days in between working out or risk losing all your progress. 

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

Eco-Friendly Running Tips

Do your part to help the environment with these tips. 

Work Out at Home

Working Out From Home

Learn what specific workouts you can do from home. 

Fall Leaves

Fit For Fall

Fall is the best time to work out, check out these tips on how you can get fit in time for fall.

Kids Running

Running Games For Kids

Keep your kids active with these fun, outdoor games! 

Printed Leggings

Your Power Suit

Dive into the fascinating psychology behind how the clothes you wear affect how well you run. 

Man running with bridge in background

6 Mind Strategies To Improve Your Running

Running is 90% mental. Learn how you can improve your mindset to manifest better results. 

Happy Hiking

Top Ten Hiking Trails in the US

Explore the great outdoors this fall! We've rounded up the ten best hiking trails to visit in the US. 

Working Out

Benefits of HIIT Training

Learn what High-Intensity Interval Training is and why you should be doing it. 

Strong Woman

Ways to Increase Your Anabolic State

Learn how your body produces energy and the best ways to increase and prolong your gains. 

Girls Jogging Together

How to Increase Your Vo2 Max Through Lactate Threshold Training

Your body goes through a lot to keep you moving. Learn how to use Lactate Threshold Training to improve your performance.  

Woman Doing Push Ups

Ab Exercises for A Stronger Core

No gym needed! Tighten up your muscles and improve core strength with these six challenging exercises. 

Girl Running on Beach

4 Perks of Beach Running

Hitting the beach this summer? In addition to the scenic views, learn the perks of running by the shoreline!


Benefits of Swimming

This classic summertime activity has some benefits that might surprise you!

Woman Jogging

Benefits of Speed Sessions

Need to improve your speed for long runs? Learn how speed sessions can up your game in a short amount of time.

Urban Cycler

Top Ten Fittest Cities In The U.S.

Check out the cities whose citizens are doing the MOST to keep themselves fit. Did your town make the list? 

Track and Field Runner

Motivational Mantra and Mental Toughness

Learn what goes into making an effective running mantra.  

Ready to Run

Spring Challenge Workouts

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, we have 12 routines that will challenge you.

Dog Walker

Perks of Running With Your Dog

Learn the perks of what happens when you run with your furry friend. 

Sunny Side Up Toast

Can a Keto Diet Help Your Running Performance? 

You've heard of the keto diet, but do you know how it could help (or hinder) your running? 

Woman Running

Evaluating Your Race

Did you give your all during your latest race or could you have done better? Evaluate your race performance with these handy questions. 

Sporty Girl

Virtual Races

Want to do your part during the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn how to participate in virtual races that give money to charities and non-profits. 


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