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Hip and Glute Exercises for Runners

Keep yourself limber and fit with these hip and glute exercises.

Colorful Weights

Your Body On Weightlifting

Learn what happens to your body when you start up weightlifting.


Can Rituals, Superstitions, and Strange Habits Actually Improve Your Running Performance?

Have you ever wondered if the strange things you do before a race actually help you? 


8 Ways to Stay Fit This Winter

Don't let the cold keep you from staying fit! Check out these unique ways to stay in shape this winter.


Quick Fix on Indoor Cardio

Indoor cardio can be a drag, but sometimes it can't be avoided. Here is how to actually enjoy your time on a cardio machine. 


How to Sharpen Your Runner's Edge

Learn the tips and tricks to sharpening your runner's edge and get ahead of the rest.


5 Reasons Why 5Ks are Awesome!

5Ks are great! Here are 5 reasons why your next race should be a 5K.


6 Tips for Cycling Uphill

Conquer those challenging hills with these must-know 6 tips for biking uphill!


Resistance Bands for Runners

Learn how to use these light-weight bands in your next workout.

Women Running Marathon

10 Reasons to Run a 10K

Here are 10 reasons why you should sign up for a 10K! 

Women Road Biking

Cycling: Indoor v. Outdoor

What's the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor cycling?

Red Running Shoes

How to Start Running Again

Indoor cycling can have a HUGE impact on your body. 

Find out how!


Shoe Care Tips

Your shoes can see a lot of miles. Learn how to get the most out of your sneakers. 


When's The Best Time to Work Out

Are you a morning or a night person? Find out the benefits of your routine here. 


The Kettlebell Effect

Learn how kettlebells can be used to prevent injuries and provide a full-body workout. 


Race Recap: Bataan Memorial Death March 

This race is not for the faint of heart. If you sign up for this challenging race, learn what to expect. 


Tips For Increasing Your Pace

Pick up your pace with these tips! You'll get your target PB in no time! 


Surviving the Sweat and Sizzle of Summer

No need to fear the sun! Thrive in the summer with these tips. 


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