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Quick fix on Cardio.

Quick Fix On Indoor Cardio

Using a treadmill or any cardio machine can easily become mind-numbingly dull. With a chilly winter here to stay for awhile, a lot of runners have reluctantly headed indoors to get in their cardio. No need to resign yourself to a tedious run! Here are 7 ways to put a quick fix on your indoor cardio routine.

Watch T.V. or a Movie

Running inside can make a 30-minute workout feel like a chore. Combat this by setting up your treadmill in front of a t.v. and watch a movie or show. This will keep your mind off of your run and make the time fly by.

Focus On Your Form

Running on a treadmill is the perfect time to focus on your form. Double check that your shoulders are pulled back, your chest is open, and your arms are at a 90-degree angle close to your sides. Your head should be facing forward; don't look down as this will strain your neck.

HIIT Training

The great thing about machines is that you can control your training with a touch of a button. Switch up the speed and duration for some high intensity interval training.

Cover Up the Display

When you're running outside, you probably carry your phone or watch, but you don't have a display right in front of your face showing you how far you've run, what time it is, your average pace etc. This can be a major distraction. Cover up the display with a towel. Time will go by a lot faster when you aren't constantly sneaking peeks at the clock.


Multitasking can be great! Is there a book you’ve been meaning to read but just can’t find the time to sit down and actually read it? Then don’t! Download some audiobooks from your favorite site or a local library and listen to them while you run on the treadmill.

Make it a Competition

Challenge a friend or someone in your running group to a competition on who can work out longer, or burn the most calories on a treadmill. Have weekly goals and check in with each other often. If bragging rights isn't enough, the loser can treat the winner to a meal or another small prize that was previously agreed upon.

Popping Playlist

Running with music on is a great way to keep yourself entertained. Make a custom playlist with songs that keep you motivated and moving. Challenge yourself by having certain songs be your "run" songs where you noticeably increase your pace, and other songs be your "cool down" songs, where you slow down.

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