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When's the Best Time to Workout?

Morning Workout

  • It sets the tone for the day.

    • You will feel more motivated and active when you exercise in the morning.

  • Eat Less

    • A recent study from Brigham Young University found that food was less appealing to participants who worked out for at least 45 minutes in the morning.

  • You Will Sleep Better

    • Working out early on can give you energy to get through the day, but once bedtime rolls around, you'll find yourself falling into a deep sleep.

  • Build Muscle Faster

    • Testosterone levels (especially in males) are higher in the morning, making it the best time to do strength training.

Mid-Day Workout

  • Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

    • You can start to feel a little sluggish when lunchtime rolls around. Exercise will give you an extra boost, even if it's just a few squats on your lunch break.

  • More Time After Work

    • If you can manage to squeeze in exercise during lunch hours then your workout is complete for the day. This leaves you with more free time in the evenings.

  • Not a Morning Person

    • If you don't work a regular 9-5 work week, a mid-afternoon workout is ideal. After you exercise, you'll arrive to work later in the day feeling refreshed and ready for the night.

  • Less People

    • If you are self conscious at the gym, then mid-afternoon is the perfect time to go. There are less people taking up machines, making it a perfect way to breeze through a routine without waiting for your turn.

Night-time Workout

  • Helps You Relax

    • Late night workouts are a great way to let go of the stressors of the day. Endorphins are released whenever you exercise, resulting in calm and relaxation, which can help with getting a good nights rest.

  • More Time

    • Working out during the day is great, but it often puts a time limit on things because you may be on a tight schedule. Exercising at night, however, may allow you some extra time for a longer sweat session.

  • Low Blood Pressure

    • As mentioned above, you can be fairly stressed out at the end of the day. Your cortisol levels (the hormone that's responsible for stress) are high after a full day of work and hitting the gym can be the cure.

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