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Ab Exercises For A Stronger Core

A strong core is the secret to a better pace. It helps with posture, balance, and overall control when running. When the core is strong, it prevents any energy from being wasted. Try these exercises by performing 3 sets of each rep, with a 30-second rest in between each set to increase your core strength. These core workouts are great for your lower and upper abdominal muscles.

1. Double Crunch: 10-12 reps

Lay down on your back with your legs out straight. Place your fingertips behind your head, with your elbows level with your ears. Simultaneously bend your legs and crunch forward by lifting your shoulders off the ground, until your elbows meet your knees. Slowly return to start position. Repeat.


2. Leg Lift/Crunch Combo: 10-12 reps


Lay down on your back with your legs out straight, and your arms at your sides. You will simultaneously lift straight legs up off the ground, while reaching forward with your arms and crunch. Return to starting position. Repeat.


3. Leg Lift: 10-12 reps


Lay flat on your back with your legs out straight. Lift straight legs until they are at a 90-degree angle, then slowly lower them back to the ground. Keep your lower back flat on the floor and your core engaged. Repeat.


4. Crunch: 10-12 reps


Lay on the ground, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Put your arms straight out in front of you on both sides of your legs. Engage your core, bring your shoulders off the ground and crunch forward. Return to starting position. Repeat. For additional support, put your hands behind your head.


5. Reverse Crunch: 10-12 reps


Lay down on the ground with knees bent and your feet in the air at a 90-degree angle. Using your core and glutes, lift your lower back up and off the ground before slowly lowering it again to the start position. Repeat.


6. Plank: 2 minutes 


Stack your hands directly under your shoulders. Your legs will be straight out behind you. Balance on the balls of your feet, with toes flat on the ground. Keep your back straight and your butt in line with the spine. Engage your core by drawing your navel in and hold.

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