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Fall Leaves

Fit for Fall

By: Allison Backer

Fall is the perfect time of year to fine-tune your nutrition and fitness goals. Step outside of your comfort zone and break that rut!


Here are some tried and true tips to get you started:

1. Reassess your caloric intake. Are you overestimating how many calories you may need? 


2. Fill up on fiber rich foods. Consume lean proteins with every meal and limit your intake of refined carbohydrates. 


3. Plan your meals. Poor decisions are often made when we are rushed. Try packing a healthy lunch with snacks for work the night before.  


4. Stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. 


5. Keep a food journal (using apps or plain old paper) and track every little thing you eat. Be honest with yourself - even five Hershey kisses count! 


6. Don’t “guesstimate” portion sizes. If you plan on consuming one cup of quinoa with your dinner meal – measure it out. 


7. Mix it up. Trick your body: try a new exercise routine, experiment with lower calorie recipe versions of your favorite meals, or even eat dinner for breakfast. See if it works! 


8. Get adequate sleep. Research suggests that those who sleep between 7 to 9 hours every night maintain a healthier weight as compared to those skimping on sleep hours. 


9. Be prepared. Take your bag and head to the gym or a fitness class straight from work. Avoid stopping home to change. You may not be able to resist the couch! Planning to workout in the morning? Lay your clothes and sneakers out by the bed and set the coffee pot up the night before. Then go, go, go! 


10. Make yourself accountable. Tell your friends and family about your nutrition and fitness goals. You wouldn’t want to let them down by quitting or skipping workouts?

The benefits of exercising regularly and eating clean are countless. Both improve our sleep, mood, memory, and help to prevent chronic diseases.


Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves and maintain a healthy weight?


So – let’s get fit for Fall!

About the Author

Allison Backer is a Registered Dietitian with New York State. She received her nutrition degree and completed her internship at Long Island University in 2006. Allison has worked as a Dietitian for over the past 12 years in various clinical settings. Allison resides on Long Island, New York. She enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and dog. She is an avid fitness enthusiast. She trains for endurance competitions, including marathons and triathlons. Visit her website to learn more.

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