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5 Tricks to Stop Nighttime Snacking

With the winter holidays done you’re bound to have a couple of extra pounds sticking around. Don’t fall into the continuous cycle of mindless snacking, which could lead to more weight gain. Nighttime snacking is one of the biggest struggles most of my clients face, so here are some tips I give them to help stop snacking before it starts.

1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind


For most people, visual triggers are HUGE. “If I see it, I’ll eat it.” The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” really does apply here. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve seen something sitting out and gone, “Hmmm, that looks delicious.” Spare yourself the temptation and don’t leave treats on the counter. Tuck tempting foods in the back of your fridge so they’re not the first thing you see every time you open the door. Trust me, you won’t forget they’re there. 

2. Find a Hobby 

Watching TV is wonderful, but it also creates a problematic situation in that many of us associate it with: snacking. What’s worse is that this snacking is often mindless and leads to overconsumption. Find something non-food related that occupies you to prevent heading to the pantry. This could be doing a craft, coloring in an adult coloring book, playing with a desk toy, or even exercising.

3. Brush Your Teeth

This is by far my most recommended tip, and it’s two-fold. 1) Mint does not compliment a lot of flavors. If you have a strong, minty flavor in your mouth, you’re unlikely to reach for some salty potato chips. The strength of the minty flavor also helps curb cravings. 2) Let’s just admit it, brushing your teeth kind of sucks and it isn’t that fun. Does anyone really want to have to do it twice in one night? Use this behavioral trick to keep yourself out of the pantry.

4. Keep the Serving Separate From the Container 

When all else fails, if you must have a late night snack, absolutely under no circumstances should you bring the entire container of whatever you’re eating into the room or area you’ll be eating in. For example, if you’re having ice cream or chips, get a bowl, give yourself a serving, and then GET OUT OF THERE! Forcing yourself to return back to the source container for a second serving creates a conscious awareness of how much you’re actually eating. So much mindless binge snacking can be prevented by just separating yourself from the larger source.

5. Get Your Family and Roommates on Board 

Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle alone. Explain to your family (or your roommate) why your weight loss goals are so important to you. Tell them you’re struggling to quit late night snacking. Having someone hold you accountable to maintaining good habits will help you stick to them.

Keep in mind that most of these tricks are preventative measures; they’re less likely to work if you try to enact them in the moment. Have a plan and get started on it now! Hide your tempting foods while it’s still daytime, find an activity to do prior to watching TV, and let your friends and family know what you’re doing.

About The Author

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