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5 Tips for Finding Motivation

By: Angela Campos 

With the earlier sunset and low temperatures, you can sometimes lose the will to stay on track with your fitness goals.  Follow these tips to stay motivated.

1. Set Realistic Goals

  •  Set a goal for yourself to achieve and work towards it. For example, if you are just getting back into running, a goal may be to run three miles straight by the end of a few weeks. One thing that always gets me motivated is signing up for a race, which serves as a goal. If I know I will be doing a half marathon at the beginning of the summer it is a huge incentive for me to stay on track! 

2. Schedule an Appointment

  • Treat your exercise plans as appointments with yourself that you cannot cancel. One thing I do is write my training schedule down each week in my planner, so I have certain times of each day blocked off specifically for my workouts. 

3. Workout With A Friend


  • I love working out with friends! It is great for accountability because if you are meeting someone, you are much less likely to make an excuse, such as, “I’m too busy”. Having an exercise buddy also makes the time go by quicker and can make workouts more enjoyable!

4. Write it Down 

  • Keeping a journal of your workouts can be motivational and inspiring. It is also a great key for accountability to write down what you have done each day. It helps to track progress, which can keep you on the right path to reach your fitness goals as well.

5. Change it Up


  • If your old exercise routine is feeling lackluster, try something new to help you get moving again! The off-season is a perfect time to try a Zumba or CrossFit class at the gym to add some variety to your workouts. These classes can be a fun way get back in shape! 


About the Author

Angela is a mom of two, wife, registered nurse, runner, Ironman triathlete, and cooking enthusiast. She shares her tales of training for various endurance events, inspirations and motivation, and some of her favorite recipes on her blog: Marathons and Motivation.

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