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Three Teacups

Health Benefits of Hot Tea

A quality tea offers warmth and hydration, but also a range of health benefits. Double check your pantry for any of these varieties, or pick up a box or two next time you're at the grocery store.


Contains soothing properties that help your body handle stress and balance hormones.


Protects your skin from sun damage due to its high concentration of the phytochemical quercetin. Promotes restful sleep and provides cramp relief for women.


Full of antioxidants, including quercertin, which is a UVB-protectant pigment that's anti-cancer and anti-aging. It's also a natural antihistamine.


Fights colds, aids in digestion, and is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse for your body and skin.


Blocks wrinkle formation and can reverse UV damage. The free radical-fighting catechins found in green tea have the ability to restore and revive dying skin cells.

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