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Outdoor Workout

Perks of Exercising Outdoors

Although winter is coming, there's plenty of time to take a workout to a park or a local outdoor area.


Here are a couple of reasons why you should head to the great outdoors for a good workout.

Better for your mental health

Multiple studies have been done on how being in nature helps increase endorphins, which gives your brain a positive mental boost. Many therapists even recommend walking 30 minutes a day as a meditative practice. Take a walk at a local park or hike a trail to get the full effect of this natural phenomenon.

You work out more

As opposed to indoors, people who exercised outside were found to work out 30 minutes more each week. This all ties back into the mental health aspect. When you are enjoying something, you tend to do it more often. Being outside typically feels like a reward, as opposed to hitting a gym.

You'll feel more revitalized 

There is something about being in nature that taps into your inner child. People who exercised outdoors reported feeling more energized and engaged than those who worked out inside. The more time you spend outdoors, the more your enjoyment levels increase, which is a great motivator to stay active.

Saves money

For the most part, you don’t have to pay to enjoy the outdoors. Every city has multiple parks you can visit or trails that you can discover and explore. There might even be a couple of adult sporting teams in your area if you're looking for more activities then just walking/running.

"Kick it" old school

Do you remember your elementary and middle school days, when you had gym class outside and played kickball? Adult kickball leagues are a terrific excuse to get outside, exercise, and meet new people. Check into your local parks and see if there are any leagues. Don't have one in your city? Organize your own! Grab a couple of friends and have them spread the word. Soon enough, you will have your own league to play in.

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