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Women Road Biking

Cycle Into Shape

Is it time for a fresh start? Perhaps it's time to throw out the old and make way for the new. Whether that means doing a thorough cleaning or changing up your routine, there is just something about the fall that makes us excited for the days ahead. Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way and it's the time of year when families come together. Take a few minutes to examine what exactly you want to accomplish and how you can achieve those results.

Focus on your goals

Why do you want to get into shape? Is it to lose weight or to feel better about yourself? Maybe it is

a combination of both. Perhaps you are looking forward to having more energy or training for a 5K. No matter your reason, you will need to identify it so that it can be used as motivation when you want to throw in the towel. If you remember why you started in the first place, it can help you get through your next workout or say no to those free donuts in the breakroom.


This is true no matter what the season, but water is about to become your best friend if you are looking to get into shape. It nourishes the skin, refuels the body, helps heal injuries, aids with digestion, etc. You get the idea. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. You can even buy bottles that indicate how much you should be drinking by a certain time of the day.

Eat whole foods

It can get confusing out there with all the mixed diet advice. Eat carbs, don’t eat carbs. More meat, no meat. Plant-based protein vs. organic grass-fed protein. What most nutritionists can agree on is to focus on eating whole foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and organic proteins. Check out some of our recipes to get inspiration on what you could be making.

Stay active every day

It can be hard with our hectic lives to find time to work out. Choose small moments that can add up over time. Try cycling, even on an inexpensive bike. It's a great way to work muscles you don't often use and it's a nice change of pace from running.

Find something you enjoy

You will never be able to keep up a sustainable life-changing habit if you hate every moment of it. Perhaps you dislike cardio; try out a HIIT exercise or even yoga. Maybe running on pavement is hard on your joints, find an indoor pool or body of water near you that allows for swimming. If you don’t like or can't run every day, chances are good you could ride a bike for 5 to 10 miles and get a great 30 minute workout.

Rope in a friend

Have a friend, spouse, or family member join you. You don’t have to have the same routines, but it is sometimes nice to know that you are not going into something alone. Your fitness/health partner can help keep you on track and provide moral support when you feel like quitting.

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