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Indoor Rock Climbing

Strength Training Reinvented

Say goodbye to lifting weights at the gym and hello to these four creative and mentally stimulating ways to get in your strength training instead.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing, bouldering, you name it, this workout is INTENSE! You will feel the burn all over your body as you are forced to carry your own weight, literally. This workout will target every major muscle group as you push your way to the top. The best part? It's also a cardio workout! Find a gym with a couple different walls (and spotters) before you head to the great outdoors.

MMA Fighting

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a wonderful way to build confidence in yourself. It gives you full control over your body, with precise body movements key to a successful workout. Not only will you learn self-defense moves, but you will unleash your inner warrior, which can help you push through any challenges you may face.

Pole Workouts

Pole workouts require complete control over your body. Every major muscle group is engaged when you go through the motions for this exercise. Not only is this an endurance workout, but it also combines strength, cardio, and flexibility. You will work up a sweat in no time!

Animal Flow

This new workout routine combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement for a fun, inventive way to build muscle. You stay mostly on the ground as you work your body into more and more animal inspired poses. This forces your muscles to become stronger and more flexible as you work them to their limit. Animal flow can be done on your own with videos or under the guidance of an instructor.

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