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On the Scales

Lies You've Been Told About Weight Loss

[LIE] If You're Overweight You Have No Self Control

There are a lot of factors that go into weight gain, not just overeating. People with thyroid issues or other hormone imbalances have a difficult time losing weight, even when they have healthy eating habits and work out.

[LIE] Weight loss = Fat Loss

Water weight is a real issue. If you weigh yourself before and after a workout session, you probably will have gone down in weight. This happens because you are sweating a massive amount of water out of your system. It's important to account for water weight whenever you weigh in, because you can sometimes get a "false positive" of long-term weight loss, which brings us to our next point.

[LIE] You'll Steadily Lose Weight

Once you start on a journey to become more fit, you might notice that your weight fluctuates. That is perfectly normal! You might even gain a few pounds as you build up your muscles. It could take up to a few months before you start to notice a difference in your body’s shape, and even then, there is no guarantee that you will steadily lose weight.

[LIE] Diets Promote Long Term Weight Loss

Going on a diet will help you lose weight short term. Unfortunately, about 80% of people that go on a diet will gain back the weight they lost within a year of going off the diet. If you truly want to lose weight, then you have to create long-term lifestyle changes. This includes eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, carbs, proteins, and fats, along with some portion control. For anything more specific, contact your doctor or a local dietician to see how they can help you create a plan for your lifestyle.

[LIE] Exercise Is The Only Way To Slim Down

Exercising is great! Everyone should incorporate some form of exercise into their lifestyle, but it isn’t enough to lose weight. Again, we come back to diet. If you aren’t eating healthy once you’re done at the gym, then it isn’t going to help much with your waist line. Keep exercising, but adjust your diet as well.

[LIE] Stay Away From Fats

Did you know that salmon is full of fat? That’s right, the food everyone holds up as one of the healthiest forms of protein is full of fat (healthy fat). What does that mean? Healthy fats are good for your heart, your cholesterol, and your overall health. Other healthy fats can be found in avocados and nut butters. Skip foods filled with saturated or trans fats and you’ll be fine.

[LIE] What Works For You Works For Everyone

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Just because someone looks overweight doesn’t mean they are unhealthy, in the same way that not everyone who is thin is healthy. Fitness journeys are unique for every person. If you are working out with your best friend or significant other, don’t be disappointed if you seem to be on different levels. It is possible that your partner's body responds better to a paleo diet, whereas yours might do better on a high-fat, low carb diet. There is no one shoe fits all approach to weight loss. Take your time. If you are plateauing or not seeing results, talk to your doctor, hire a personal trainer, or consult a dietician.

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