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Picture of someone doing squats
Squats are essential to your fitness

You Don't Know Squat 

 By: Ryan Hansen

The most common mistake that people make when squatting is trying to squat on top of the knees. They fold the upper body over their lower body like an accordion. This usually occurs with improper foot and knee placement; squatting with your feet pointed forward at a 12 o'clock angle and the knees not pushed out. This is a huge no-no that results in a shallow depth, knee pain, and eventually surgery.


The proper technique is to have your feet a shoulder length apart, bare feet planted firmly on the ground at an 11 and 1 o'clock position. Initiate the movement with your hips, not your knees. The biggest difference between a correct squat is that you are squatting between the knees instead of on top of them. 

Try it out and you'll notice the difference immediately. Before you ever throw a bar on your back, make sure your technique is flawless to ensure an efficient, injury and pain-free workout. Form is everything in fitness. You must earn the right to use weights because if you can't do it with your own body weight, you can't do with with a barbell. 

You really don't know much about squats.

About the Author

Ryan Hansen is a dedicated trainer who uses a variety of strength training, yoga, athleticism, and high intensity cardio which delivers maximum results in a minimum time. Follow him on Instagram @prymalgym.

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